All Information You Need To Know About Eurofootball Bookmaker

All Information You Need To Know About Eurofootball Bookmaker

Situated in Bulgaria, Eurofootball is the first and largest bookmaker in the country. Eurofootball was first introduced on the 6th of October 1990, being officially registered in 1993. The bookmaker received its licence on the 20th of October 1993, and has been in business ever since. The next day, on the 21st, the country conducted its very first draw, with Eurofootball managing the entire event.

In recent years, Eurofootball has become known for creating its own strategies for community welfare, including financial support, and various sponsorships.

Eurofootball As An Organisation

Eurofootball is a bookmaker, which is the term most commonly used for an organisation that manages bets concerned with sporting events. Bookmakers have grown in size and popularity over the last 20 years, especially with the growth of the Internet. Bookmakers now allow bettors to make wagers across the world, mainly through the use of online sports books.

The statistics and odds used by bookmaking companies are gained through the use of odds compilers, which are mathematical specialists that use market information to create the odds the bookmakers and bettors use to make bets on a daily basis. Bookmaking organisations take commission from bettors on the bets they make, and in return the bookmaker will completely handle the bet, using the information gathered by their experts to make informed bets on behalf of their bettors.

Bookmakers are for the most part highly regulated by various national regulatory agencies. These can include private organisations and governmental agencies, which ensure that the bookmakers use fair policies with their bets.

Eurofootball Business Information

Eurofootball has become an extremely successful business since its conception in 1990. The bookmaker now leads the Central European region as the most commercially successful betting organisation. Eurofootball manages the betting for a number of different sports, including football matches, tournaments and championship NRL bets online.

In 2002, Eurofootball partnered with the Greek company Intralot. A year later, Eurofootball set up a centralised computer network, used to automate the betting process for both the bettors and the bookmakers. The network is still in commission, having been upgraded since to a new, modern system. A website has been created to support this system, where bettors can log in and make bets using a trusted and secure betting platform. In 2012, Eurofootball introduced a new system called the Lotus OS, further extending their already massive betting platform.

In March 2013, Eurofootball introduced a new type of virtual race course to their website, allowing players to bet on a number of virtual races.

Eurofootball Associations

Eurofootball is a member of the European Lotteries as well as the World Lottery Association. The rules and regulations of Eurofootball are therefore governed by these two associations, with all betting processes monitored closely to ensure betting is done fairly.

Eurofootball is also in association with a number of UK bookmaker companies, where the United Kingdom broadcasts their sports games and races directly to the system of Eurofootball via satellite. This means that the Eurofootball betting platform is accessible across virtually the entirety of Central Europe alongside the United Kingdom.