A Simple Cricket Betting Guide for Beginners Online

A Simple Cricket Betting Guide for Beginners Online

Due to the huge amount of cricket games played every single day worldwide, cricket has to be one of the best sports betting opportunities available online for punters looking to gain good winnings.

With some solid cricket betting tips you can put into action a study of cricket that will inform you on how to bet wisely on cricket and optimise your opportunities for big winnings.

Follow Live-In Play And Expert Opinion Online

All good online sportsbooks offer expert opinion of cricket betting tips for each specific match and the test matches.  Study the different bookmakers’ odds to get a further idea of what the experts in the field think are the best bets.

Watching the live in-play and live streaming of matches will allow you to adjust your betting strategy as unexpected weaknesses and strengths in players or teams arise on the day much like you find in games of soccer betting.

Doing this can also help you to recap losses from your pre-game bets if they weren’t exactly on the mark. There is such a huge selection of cricket betting tips and cricket markets to bet upon, and so many nuances in each game, that the opportunities for finding the right combination of bets for you are just a few clicks away.

Study The Past Results For Each Pitch

New Zealand punters should utilise the internet’s superb resources which let you see the past trends for just about every cricket pitch worldwide. The top cricket betting tips that you can get from these statistics are information on innings totals, the run-rate, the pitch characteristics and previous match winners.

The closer you study these statistics for the big games you want to bet on, the higher your odds of winning become.

The Weather Has A Huge Effect On Cricket

This is a well known fact, so you can actual get incredible free cricket betting tips by simply studying the weather forecast for the city in which the match you are betting on is going to be played in. Sunny days are wonderful for the batsmen, but not great for the faster bowlers.

All day overcast, cloudy weather is great for swing bowlers, and baking, constant sun is great for the spinners at the end of the day, once the pitch has been baked to the point of starting to break up.

Also, do keep in mind that in bad weather the Duckworth Lewis method will be used to reset the batting overs if the overs had to be reduced in a one-day match.  If this happens you will need to keep a close watch on the live game, as it can have a massive effect on who ends up being the winning team.

Cricket Betting Strategies

One of the top cricket betting tips we can offer you is to understand the varied strategies for betting depending on the type of cricket format being played. Here we look into some of the best cricket betting tips for betting on One Day Cricket.

ODI Cricket Betting Tips

One day cricket is fast paced and thrilling stuff to watch, the most popular markets for this sport are betting on match outcome, also a rolling over/under runs line which the bookmakers set predicting a specific amount of possible runs that said team will win in all of their fifty overs.

The line will most likely decrease if the batting team lose a wicket, also if they played a few very low scoring overs.  Keep following us for more hot-off-the-press cricket betting tips in the next few months. Wishing good luck to our Kiwi players!