All About Where’s the Gold Online Slots

All About Where’s the Gold Online Slots

Where’s the Gold is a slot title from the gaming developer known as Aristocrat. This developer is one of the most well known slot developers in the industry, and many online and mobile players will focus specifically on playing games made by this company. This means that Aristocrat has a reputation to uphold, which typically means that players can expect a very high quality game.

The theme of the Where’s the Gold slot is based all around finding the gold, and then landing yourself some big winnings. As such, the symbols in the slot are all based around characters and tools that would have been used when prospecting for gold. You will see pick axes and spades, the gold digger character himself, and also all of the high playing card symbols.

Game Interface for Where’s the Gold

The game interface in Where’s the Gold is set out in such a way that it makes it quite simple for players to see exactly what the settings are for each and every spin. On the left of the screen is the autoplay button. This is useful for players who are distracted from the game, or for those that want to keep playing but are busy doing something else at the same time.

The autoplay feature can be toggled on and off at any stage, as it suits each player. Of course, you don’t have to use this feature, and you can rather press the spin button each and every time if this is what you prefer. The next button you will see is the Max button. By tapping or clicking on this, you will be placing the maximum stake for the next spin. This means that all of the paylines will be activated, but it also means that you will be putting yourself in with a chance to win the main jackpot prize.

There are a few + and – buttons right in the middle of the screen. These are used to adjust the number of paylines that are active for the next spin, and also the value of your next bet. As you adjust these, you can see how the value of your Total Bet will be adjusted in the little box below. This makes it quite clear to see in Where’s the Gold what the settings are for each and every spin.

Where’s the Gold Gamble Button

In Where’s the Gold, mobile casino Malaysia players have the option of using the Gamble feature after a win. This button will only become active after you actually win something. As soon as you do land a win, you have the option of gambling these winnings with the chance of doubling what you have just won. The downside is that if you guess incorrectly in the Gamble feature, you could also lose those winnings. So it is really up to you when and if you decide to use this feature.

With a maximum jackpot of 1000, the Where’s the Gold slot from new Aristocrat slots does offer many entertaining features for all online and mobile players The coin values and subsequent betting amounts are suited to players on various budget levels, and so this game will appeal to many different players.