FA Cup Outright Winner Odds

FA Cup Outright Winner Odds

With 736 teams taking part in the 2015-2016 FA Cup, the FA Cup outright winner odds can be very interesting. This is especially the case at the beginning of the tournament, before any of the smaller teams have been eliminated. In theory, right at the start of the event, each and every team does stand a chance of being able to claim the overall title.

As such, some bookies will offer FA Cup outright winner odds for all of the teams. Of course the bigger teams are the ones that are expected to win. Teams like Arsenal, who are the defending champions, or Manchester United, who is the second most successful team, typically stand the highest chances of winning. The odds that online bookies offer will reflect the past successes, as well as the current form, of these teams.

Betting On FA Cup Final

For any new punters looking at FA Cup outright winner odds, it is important to understand exactly how the tournament actually works. The FA Cup outright winner odds can be affected by a number of different factors, and understanding all of these is quite important to being able to place a successful bet. Of course, you might just decide to place a bet and hope for success, and many punters are able to win bets in this way.

The FA Cup is a knockout format tournament, with the matchups in each round being drawn at random. There is no seeding in the event, and so the draws only take place after each round has been completed. The other crucially important aspect of the draw is that these draws determine which team will play at home. Home ground advantage can be of huge importance, and will certainly affect the FA Cup outright winner odds in the final match up.

Each of the FA Cup games is played as a single leg and this is a factor that contributes to better odds on online betting. However, if the match ends in a draw, it will typically be replayed, at the other team’s home ground. However, if the rematch is then drawn again, the result will then be decided by extra time and a penalty shootout. Punters who are in the know about FA Cup outright winner odds will also know that the semi-final matches, as well as the Final, are not decided by replays, as these fixtures must be decided on a single day.

FA Cup Qualifying

The FA Cup consists of a total of 14 rounds. 6 of these rounds are qualifying rounds. These are then followed by a further 6 rounds, and then the semi-final, and of course the final. For one of the lowest teams hoping to make it all the way to the final, and then to even claim the title, they will have to win all of these rounds.

So the probability of one of these teams being able to win every single match is quite low. In terms of the 6 qualifying rounds, these are grouped geographically. The main reason behind this is to try and limit travel costs in terms of how far teams would need to travel.