Learn How To Play Pokies Tournaments Online

Learn How To Play Pokies Tournaments Online

What are pokies tournaments?

Online pokies are a favourite for most online casino players as there are always a huge range of different pokies to choose from and the online games are constantly being updated or improved.

How to Play Pokies Tournaments Online

Before New Zealand players join a tournament it is important to learn how they work.  There are many variations of pokies but the basics are the same when playing pokies tournaments online or at a land-based casino.

To begin playing a pokies tournament New Zealand players will first have to pay an entry fee.  There are some tournaments which do not require an entry fee while some casinos will comp some of their players, which means the casino covers the fee.  The pokies tournament pool will be determined by how many players have joined and the entry fee.  Some pokies tournaments will be played over a longer time and have smaller tournaments which lead up to the final round where players can expect a larger payout.  Some online casinos will also give away prizes and some will even have a prize for the player with the lowest score.  Online casinos will offer a range of different prize formats and this makes online pokies tournaments popular with New Zealand players.  With pokies tournaments players get the opportunity to play against other pokies players and not only against the casino.

Some New Zealand online casinos will have scheduled pokies tournaments which begin at a certain date and time as well as sit and go tournaments where players can play once they have registered.  Joining an online pokies tournament is simple and players must look out for these on their preferred online casino site and will usually find them under the pokies tab.

An example would be if there were 100 tournament players and each paid an entry fee of $50 the pool would be $5000.  Every pokies tournament will have a different size pool, but for the example above there may be a 1st prize of $3000, 2nd prize of $1000, 3rd prize of $500 plus ten prizes of $50 each.  With this example the total prize pool is paid out to the players while some tournaments will keep a percentage of the pool.  New Zealand players should always check the size of the pool before joining.

The tournament can begin once all of the players have paid their entry fee and each player will usually receive a certain amount of credits to play with.  Once the game is over the player that has the highest amount of credits will win.

Tips for Playing Tournaments

There are a few tips which will help New Zealand players with pokies tournaments.  Some Australian online pokies tournaments will have a time limit and players will have to work within this time frame.  The game is fast so players will have to make the best of their spins.  Players must remember to focus and concentrate, looking at the scoreboard may be a temptation, but will ultimately be a distraction.  Another good tip is to always hit the bet max button before spinning, this means betting with the highest possible bet.

Pokies tournaments are a great way to enjoy a different way of online casino gaming.  Players get the opportunity to play against other players with the chance of winning the prize pool.