Playing Free Slot Games at Casino Online with Our Special Guide

Playing Free Slot Games at Casino Online with Our Special Guide

With the rise of online casinos, free slot games can be found everywhere online. Free slot games can be played with real or free money. A good free slot game site should have its slot games audited by a third party firm to ensure that the slot game software is truly fair and random. To do this, the firm would test the software’s Random Number Generator. This is the programming of the software that determines the spin of the slot reels. It should be completely random to simulate a real slot machine’s spins.

Desktop and Mobile Free Slot Games

Free slot games can be played either on your desktop PC or on your chosen mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, Windows phones and Android phone. The biggest difference between the two is of course in the graphics. Even though the games may be exact ports, there are of course big graphical differences since playing on a mobile device will decrease the resolution of the graphics. Some players also prefer playing with a computer mouse, rather than using a touch screen. It all comes down to personal player preference.

Free slot games are actually ideal for mobile play, compared to other casino games, due to the simple setup of the screen and the one click game play. Free Slot sites will however allow players to not be limited to a single device. Once you have setup your player account at a free slots site, you can switch between your mobile or desktop device. Please note that there are certain games that are not compatible with mobile devices due to the differing operating systems used on different devices. Always check the site to confirm, if your chosen game is available for mobile play.

Free Slots Similar to Real Slots

Video slot games that you find in brick and mortar casinos have a lot in common with free slots found online. Both are digital so the graphics, sound and special features are very good. Free slot games online though can often be a lot more creative and colourful since they are cheaper to make and distribute. There are also a lot more companies making free slot games than there are making video slots or mechanical slots. Free slot games have all the features and more of video slots.

Real Money Slot Games

Most free slot game sites offer both real and free money play. Free money play is for casual players who do not wish to use real money to wager. If players have tried the free slots out and wish to add a bit more excitement, they can choose to register on their chosen free slot game site and create a real money account. Players can now wager real money in the free slot games and potential win big. Your chosen free slot games site should offer you a variety of ways to make deposits into your account and to withdraw your winnings. They should also offer your payouts in a short amount of time. There is nothing worse than hitting it big in a free slot game, then having to wait weeks for your money.