Sheik Yer Money Slot Game Overview for Online Gamblers

Sheik Yer Money Slot Game Overview for Online Gamblers

The Sheik Yer Money slot game is created by Barcrest Software. It is based around the theme of a friendly sheik, who seems to have a great deal of money he is more than happy to share. Appearing as a fully animated 3D model, the sheik only makes a few appearances in the game, mostly to congratulate the player, or give them a quick helping hand. When he does show up, however, it must be said that he is very a well animated character. But what about the rest of the game?

The play symbols in the Sheik Yer Money online slot game are not as well presented as the sheik, and suffer from a lack of creativity, especially in comparison to other exciting games. With just a few rather generic and bland symbols to be seen, it won’t be long before the player feels like they have glimpsed everything the game has to offer. But a slot game is about more than having your eyes entertained. Let’s have a closer look at how the Sheik Yer Money slot game does in regards to game play and payouts.

Symbol Designs and Values

There are just three picture symbols in the Sheik Yer Money slot game, a diamond, a ruby red stone and, jade green stone. The graphics of the stones are not fantastic, but the real intention of the simple three stone payout design was to ensure players never get confused about what’s going on. It will always be clear which payouts are due, which stones are matching, and how online pokies for real money game is progressing. Hence; the game may not be much to look at, but the lack of visual flare means that the game is very easy to play.

The diamond is obviously the most valuable symbol, paying out an exceptionally good amount if matched the maximum of 5 times. The red stone follows, and the jade is the least valuable picture symbol. The lower value symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, including 10, jack, queen, king and ace. There are also two bonus symbols, which we will have a look at in detail.

Sheik Bonuses

The most interesting special feature of the Sheik Yer Money slot game is the sheik himself. Occasionally the sheik will enter onto the screen and give the play area a shake. This will transform some symbols, at random, into wilds. The wilds will not always result in good payouts, but the majority of the time you will be happy to see the podgy, turban wearing man.

The second bonus involves a magic lamp. It is not directly stated, but implications are that the sheik found his riches by wishing for them. If the magic lamp appears on the reels, and matches at least 3 times, free bonus spins will be granted to player. During the free spins more wilds are added to the reels, greatly increasing the chances of matching sequences being created. Note that during free spins, more free spins may be awarded by again matching the magic lamp symbols.