Super Lucky Reels Online Slot

Super Lucky Reels Online Slot

Super Lucky Reels is an online slot game styled after the classic mechanical fruit machines of yesteryear. It is developed and released by iSoftBet and it has a very unique reel setup. Players get 3 reels that they can spin to land winning combinations, but there are an additional 2 reels that can add more winning potential during game play on the right hand side of the reels. The green reel awards instant coin pay outs while the red reel adds win multipliers.

To activate these two extra Super Lucky Reels, players will need to wager 10 to 15 coins to activate the green reels and 15 coins total to activate the red reels. There are 5 pay lines to activate in the standard game. These pay lines can be activated with coins that range in value from 0.01 to 1. There is also a progressive jackpot that can be won with a certain combination of symbols.

The Super Lucky 4th Reel Symbols

To trigger a win on the 4th reel, you must first have a winning combination on the main reels, then land a symbol in the middle of reel 4. You can win 50 coins, 150 coins, 750 coins and 1000 coins with the corresponding plus symbols.

Super Lucky 5th Reel Symbols

The 5th reel wins trigger the same way as the 4th reel wins. Players must have at least 1 winning combination on the three main reels, and then if they land a bonus symbol in the middle of the 5th reel, they can win a prize. The fourth reel does not need to be aligned to trigger a win on the 5th reel. There are 4 prizes to win on the 5th reel.

The Super Lucky Reels Koi Symbol will trigger free re-spins. You can get up to 5 re-spins to take immediately. The 2x multiplier symbol will double any winning amount you land. The 5x multiplier will multiply your win by 5 and the 10x multiplier symbol will multiply your win by 10.

Super Lucky Reels Progressive Jackpot

Winning the Progressive Jackpot in Super Lucky Reels is quite complex. Players must land the 3 Super Lucky Reels logos on an active pay line. They must also, when landing those symbols, match it up with a 1000 multiplier symbol on the fourth reel and a 10x multiplier symbol on the fifth reel. The Progressive jackpot increases as you play and make wagers.

Super Lucky Reels Pay Symbols

Super Lucky Reels feature classic fruit machine symbols that appear on the reels. These include lucky 7s, Bar symbols, Chinese domino pieces and the Super Lucky Reels logo. Players need to line up at least three matching symbols on an active pay line to trigger a win especially at Jackpotcity NZ.

The more coins you wager with in Super Lucky Reels, the higher the payout you get from the matching symbols. 1-8 coins will pay out the standard amounts, while 10 -15 coins pay out 10x as much. Playing with 10-15 coins will also activate the last two reels.