Britains Got Talent Slot Review

Britains Got Talent Slot Review

Britains Got Talent slot by Ash software features twenty paylines with five reels for the player to enjoy. It is based on the hit television series of the same name.

The art style in Britains Got Talent slot is colourful and vibrant. The emphasis is on lights, glamour, and stardom.

On the background behind the reel, the player can see a mega screen television with a red, white and blue British flag. The screen is so large that the player can actually make out the individual pixels of the image.

On the top of the background, there is a long black pole where lights are suspended and pointing in various directions. The first light is blue, the second is red and the third is yellow. These help to bring the player into the Hollywood mood of this slot, and the colours play into the overall theme. Above the reel, the title of the slot Britains Got Talent is displayed. The “A” in talent is drawn as a star, again playing into the theme of Hollywood and stardom. To the left and right of the reel are numbers in red boxes. These show the players the different winning line combinations as they appear on the reel. These numbers include 18, 2, 16, 11, 15, 1, 8, 20, 17, 3, 19, 4, 12, 7, 9, 1, 14, 10, 6, 13 and 5.

Under the reel, the player is presented with information about the game as well as buttons to adjust certain elements of the slot. Each of these boxes is surrounded in a silver lining. Information includes an info button, lines, line bet, win, total bet, autoplay and play. The player can adjust the lines and line bet by pushing the plus and minus buttons shown below each.

Britains Got Talent Slot Symbols

The symbols in Britains Got Talent align themselves with the stardom elements of the popular television show. The first symbol is a man juggling three balls set on a bright yellow starburst background. The second symbol is a man breakdancing while holding himself up on one arm. It is set to a bright red starburst background. The third symbol is a woman singing into a microphone and it is set to a bright blue starburst background. The fourth symbol is a red, white and blue British flag with the word wild across it. The fifth symbol is a blue star with black centre and the words free spin under it. The sixth symbol is a Britains Got Talent bonus symbol which has a gold border. Other symbols include an ace, jack, king, queen and ten. Each of these is a different colour and is covered in sparkles.

Free Spins

If the player lands a free spins symbol on reels two, three and five, they will be awarded free spins in Britains Got Talent slot. The number of spins awarded is determined by the sum of the numbers displayed on the free spins symbols. This can be between seven and twenty free spins for the player at Gaming club casino Canada and other few online casinos