A Glance at Harness Racing Betting for AU Punters

A Glance at Harness Racing Betting for AU Punters

Harness racing is a unique structured race, classified under horse racing and relying on the relationship between driver and the standard bred horse. Harness racing is a delightful spectacle for any Australian punter in quest of something vibrant and outstanding.

The structure of the race sees each driver towed behind his horse in a lightweight sulky, which is finely balanced on just two wheels and attached to the standard bred horse via strapping. The driver’s only tool whilst being flung down the track is a mild whip, used to keep the horse in line and control the momentum and pace of the gait.

Trotting and Pacing the Differences

Australian punters opting for betting action within this unique variation of horse racing should consider the two distinct gaits present in harness racing. Familiarising yourself with each individual gait ensures the most valuable betting options on the table, as understanding and knowledge of individual performers within each class allows for educated estimations.

The essential difference between trotting and pacing is a mild gallop and a speedier gallop. Both gaits are about timing and structure; both the driver and horse rely on one another for direction and consistency.

When the horse is trotting, the nearside back leg moves in conjunction with its offside front leg. The opposite legs then repeat this particular motion and then again until the race is complete.

During pacing, the horse’s front and back legs move in a fluid motion as one. Pacing is a speedier version of the race and drivers need to ensure the rhythm is just as consistent as trotting in order to keep the fluid motion of the race.

Harness Betting Platforms in Australia

Australians love betting on horse racing, it is in the blood. Horseracing is one of the oldest sports betting disciplines and as such harness racing is no different.

Australian punters in quest of harness racing betting options have a multitude of avenues to make use of. There are land-based outlets at various tracks and around the country whilst certain online bookmakers will afford punters with harness racing bets.

Australians seeking harness racing betting action from a more portable and convenient device should consider making use of mobile Apps, which are specifically geared for convenient and reliable harness racing betting action on the go.

Australian Harness Racing Betting Strategy

Australians and harness racing spectacles are nearly inseparable. Punters seeking to build best harness racing betting strategies need to consider the race holistically. If public opinion suggests that a runner is destined for gold, the pole draw may shut that window down.

Relying on holistic knowledge and accounting for all racers and their features will yield the best harness racing betting strategy in Australia.

Get It Right from Go

Starts and pole draws are crucial for valuable betting options in harness racing. There are two distinct starting methods within harness racing, namely standing and mobile starting barriers.

The standing start barrier is fixed and all racers begin from an idle position, hence the name standing start. The mobile barrier start makes use of a moving barrier, usually automobiles that drag the barrier in front of the horses and then release it, leaving the horses to go for gold.

Australians wishing to place valuable bets should consider the race holistically. The horse and drivers relationship, the gait and the barrier method are just the precursors, the real rawness of the race can be pinpointed down to one single determining factor, the pole draw positioning.

Pole draws are the positions the horses draw at the barrier. The outer barriers such as nine or ten incorporate wide turns while inner barriers like one, two or three are known for their tighter, easier and more sporadic running.