Information On Blackjack’s Terminology for Players

Information On Blackjack’s Terminology for Players

Players who enjoy the game will need to get a handle on blackjack terminology in order to ensure they are paid out regularly and get the most from it. There are a number of interesting words and phrases specific to blackjack that comprise a glossary that players can relatively easily memorise and put to use whenever they enjoy a game, be it at one of the many online casinos around the world that provide it or at a more traditional brick-and-mortar setting.

The Meaning behind Getting 86’d

If a player is 86’d from a casino, it means that he or she is forbidden to return, and this is usually the result of card-counting. Dictionaries suggest that this term may have come about as a sort of rhyming-slang, associated with the world “nix”, which means “no”, or a more all-purpose prohibition.

There is also a faction of historians that believe the term is connected to the Empire State Building in New York, with the first elevators only going as far as the observation deck located on the 86th floor. People would sometimes use this deck in order to commit suicide, plunging more than a thousand feet to their death.

It is also widely believed that 86’d is linked to Hollywood’s movie industry, since shooting on colour film requires an 85-filter, which is an amber colour, in order to balance the light. When shooting moved indoors and takes place in tungsten light, this filter is removed, and replaced with a clear one referred to as the 86th.

This is just one example of how interesting tracing the history of blackjack terminology can be, and how knowledge of the game’s glossary can add an extra layer of enjoyment to play at

Starting to Play Blackjack Online

Players who enjoy the game of blackjack will very easily be able to find casinos offering it to them, all of which are licensed and regulated to offer the kind of real-money entertainment thus far only possible at brick-and-mortar casinos which are sometimes very inconveniently placed. These days, players can get into games at varying stake levels by means of any number of different platforms, including tablets; laptops; smartphones and desktop computers, and can do so from anywhere that allows for a steady internet connection.

There are many online blackjack websites that can provide information on blackjack terminology to players who are interested in upping their game in this manner, and the glossary is for the most part so interesting that players will have very little problem memorising it. The more players find out about, the more likely they are to be able to extend their enjoyment of the game, and understanding the most commonly used phrases, like hit; stand; double-down; surrender and even-money bets, will ensure that they are never caught unawares by an event unfolding at a table they have joined. Many free versions of the game are available online as well, and players can put these to use in learning the terms and phrases blackjack employs without having to worry about incurring any sort of financial consequence in the event of a misunderstanding.