Jewish Originating Card Game Called Kvitlech

Jewish Originating Card Game Called Kvitlech

Card games and their history are always an interesting encounter because it shows several things about humanity, separated as they were during the last few centuries. The interesting thing is that despite being all over the world with little to no forms of communication, card games tended to sprout from all regions, with unique but similar rules and gameplay. This means that players around the world share a love for card games, as well as the fact that they also tend toward similar game styles and objectives.

One of the more commonplace card game objectives is that of online blackjack, 21 and this game here, Kvitlech. This is the race to a score of 21, pitted against a dealer, and is a card game structure that is found in many games around the world. The game style and play offers a considerable bit of excitement, and with regard to this specific card game, where a few rules and the deck of cards is different, it can be simple to learn and fun to play.

The Game of Many Names

Whether players know it as Kvitlech, Kvitlach, Quitli or even Quitlok doesn’t really change the game, as all originated to gather and simply spread to the different regions and adapted different names. The name, in all the variations, means notes or slips, and is of European Jewish origin. The game itself is played with a unique deck of cards consisting of only 24 cards. This is comprised of pairs of cards numbered 1 through to 12 and may have originally come from an earlier deck of cards from the European area with the images removed to prevent any abstract forms of idolatry. These were rather basic cards back in the day.

As far as playing the game of Kvitlech goes, it usually is composed of some 5 players, with one of them taking up the mantle of dealer in the beginning. The deck of 24 numbered cards also consists of 4 framed cards for this game, these are the 2’s and the 11’s. These have roles in scoring. The dealer then deals a face down card to each of the players, including themselves. The turns then begin, with the players drawing cards and trying to accrue as close to 21 points without going over. Interestingly enough the 12’s can take on 12 points or 9, so that 2 of them score 21 exactly, while a player with their first two cards framed also scores 21.

Either way the players take turns in either asking for a blot, or card face up card, making a bet and therefore getting a face down card, or staying and ending their turn. This goes round, players either going bust or staying until the dealer’s turn to play and draw. The dealer then tries to get as close to 21 without going bust, there are no special draw rules for the dealer here. Players who beat the dealer or score exactly 21 win twice their bet back, whilst those who draw or lose forfeit their bets to the dealer. The game of Kvitlech has some other rather unique rules that players can explore to get all out of this interesting game.

Card Gaming Online and Securely

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