The Who- What-Why Offers Online Casino Bonuses

The Who- What-Why Offers Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos make use of bonus offers in order to attract new players.  Bonus offers are not, as new players sometimes fear, bogus offers.  Bonus offers are beneficial to players as they contribute toward the player’s start-up kitty and often make quite a difference as far as playing power is concerned, enabling players to do more with the money that they have available.

Bonus offers are often an on going theme when playing at an online casino.  Welcome or sign up bonuses are the player’s first point of contact with a typical online casino bonus, but is certainly not the last.  Online casinos put a lot of effort into developing bonus offers to not only draw the attention and business of new players, but also to keep regular players entertained and to ensure on going business for the casino.

There are a number of exciting bonus offers to look out for.  Most reputable online casinos will offer at least two (mostly more) of these to play Australian online pokies.

The Welcome Bonus

Also referred to as the sign up bonus or the joining bonus, the welcome bonus is awarded to new players who create a new player profile on the online casino’s site.  The welcome bonus aims to impress, and is usually a handsome bonus offer.  Some online casinos present the welcome bonus in a pre-specified value format, whilst others offer to match the value of the player’s initial deposit up to a percentile limit.

The No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is the bonus that is offered in a pre-specified value format, and does not require any initial deposit input from the player’s side.  Hence the no deposit description.  No deposit bonuses often carry a higher than usual minimum wagering requirement, and players must make sure that they are familiar with the rules of the specific online casino.

Wagering requirements can also be game-specific, with only certain games qualifying to being included in meeting the minimum wagering requirement.

The Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is often not offered in the public domain, but will instead be offered to players via an alternative electronic communication method such as email.  Reload bonuses are part of the online casino’s loyalty program, and are typically offered to players placing regular bets at the casino.  Players may then opt whether to accept the benefits of the reload bonus, after considering the terms and conditions thereof.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller is a term that is used to refer to players who make large deposits and wager big sums of money during a short period of time.  High rollers are often also referred to as VIP (very important person) players.  Casinos often offer special arrangements and promotions exclusively to VIP players (high rollers).  A high roller bonus can be a very rewarding bonus, bumping players who are already big spenders even further up the ladder of prosperity.

The Refer A Friend Bonus

When initially choosing an online casino, many new players rely on referrals from family and friends.  A referral is a good way to go about things, as others may have valuable experience to offer as far as general pitfalls and positives are concerned.

Many online casinos recognise the value of the referral, and of word of mouth advertisements.  The reward for this kind of referral is called the refer a friend bonus.  There is usually a requirement associated with the refer a friend bonus, in that the friend that has been referred must sign up with the particular online casino, and also make a minimum deposit.  Refer a friend bonuses have been known to be quite handsome a reward.

Realising the marketing potential behind the referral, most online casinos are now running refer a friend bonus offers.  The refer a friend bonus program may contain various sets of incentives, with the cash value bonus probably the most popular of all.  The bonus is usually awarded in the form of a promotion bonus code that must then be redeemed by the player who has made the referral.

As with most things, it is important to read the general terms and conditions imposed on the refer a friend bonus.  The important thing is to be able to actually convert the refer a friend bonus promotion code into real money.  Online casinos imposing near impossible terms and conditions do exist, and should be avoided.

The Deposit Method Bonus

Online casinos are in the business of making money, and in order to make money, casinos must ensure the safety and security of online players.  With online cyber crime having reached dizzying heights during the last decade, online casino operators try to dissuade players from making deposits and withdrawals from and to a conventional credit card account.  Instead, players are incentivised to make use of software providers providing software programs specifically designed to protect the financial identities of its users.

Due to many players not realising the impact of financial identity theft and credit card fraud in general, casinos found it necessary to incentivise players in other ways to make use of alternative payment and withdrawal options.  Hence the deposit method bonus.  Players will only be able to cash out the deposit method bonus once they have complied with the particular deposit method as prescribed by the terms and conditions of the bonus.

The deposit method bonus is a great way to incentivise players to make use of a specific payment method, and in so doing the casino is in turn taking care of the general well being of its valued patriots.

Apart from the usual dangers of cyber crime and credit card fraud, some online casinos have difficulty processing credit card transactions, due the security issues already associated with these transactions.  Banks have started to impose many forms of security firewalls on the use of credit cards online. Unfortunately these do not only deter cyber criminals, but also delay legitimate online financial transactions. Specialised software seeks to streamline these payment processes for all involved, whilst ensuring that no money changes hands in any unauthorised way.